Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I know it's a long post! But hey, it's helpful and our shops could use a bit of Spring cleaning too :)

Hello team! I hope you've all been enjoying this beautiful weather! We could use another rain storm to wash all of this pollen away since everything I own is now yellow but other than that It's been beautiful outside. Now I'm sure many of you have been busy with Spring cleaning..if not then don't worry that urge will grab you soon haha so let's put some of that motivation into our Etsy shops so they can be fresh, beautiful and ready for those cabin fever shoppers to come out! I've put together a bit of a check list for us based off of a post that Etsy did one day and I think it's just a great thing to help us step back a little and take a new look at things!

Does your store name help promote you?
  • There's a lot in a name and although you shouldn't go changing this maybe we should just once look it over and ask this going to be good for my long term business? Does this fit the style of my product? Show off my personalty? Draw people in? Is this something that's memorable? or is it already taken?? If you don't think it matches up to these standards then take the time to change it now before your down the road with a crowd of people relying on your brand and your not happy with it.
What does your profile really say?
  • Many shoppers love to know about the artist and where their product is coming from so get creative and tell them a little background on yourself. What inspires you? A funny story that got you to where you are today. A blurb about your workshop. Little things like this that show your personality. 
  • Now for your profile picture..believe it or not this is very important don't just throw up a picture of your pup! Think about what you want this to say because you really do want it to show off your shop to the people who only see your posts in public teams and places like this. 
 I know it's not fun but we can't neglect our shop settings!
  • First off, take a look at your shop announcement and title. This needs to be pack full of keywords describing your shop! but now don't get me wrong here because it also should be short, sweet and to the point. This is what people see in their Google searches it needs to grab them and tell them you have just what their looking for!
  • Now for your banner. Does this really frame your shop well? The nice thing about banners is that they are not hard to come by. There are many many Etsy sellers that have shops just filled with these so take some time out of your day and go shopping!
  • Have you filled out your shop policies yet? These are great because they answer all of the most important questions that your buyer has and majorly reduced the chance of a misunderstanding. Tell them your expectations, what your willing to do, what they can expect, if you offer gift wrap or if you ship internationally and all of that fun stuff.
  • Last but not least don't be scared of the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, even emails, let people know that you have these for your business so they can share share share :)

Who's your target market?
  • Everything listed above needs to be pointing at your target market so take some time to think about it. Who is going to be buying your items? Get into detail here think about their style, gender, age, income, what all makes them who they are so that you can cater perfectly to them. Once you get into that nitch of customers then you'll be set on a road that leads to a happy business.

Now let's look at what's in your shop.
  • Do you have enough items in your shop? The more items you have the more a buyer has to choose from and you never know they could find just what they were looking for as well as just what their friend was looking for!
  • Are your titles easy to read? Keep them descriptive and creative but not to long..
  • Do you have a good variety of items?
  • Are your tags and title relevant for search?
  • Have you used all of your tag spots? Each one of those is a way for someone to find you so don't hold back. Use style, color, texture, your target market. Put yourself in the shoppers shoes. What would you search for if you were looking to buy your item?
  • Do your descriptions describe both your item as well as yourself? This goes along with what we said about the profile, people like to feel connected to you and know where the items coming from. You can also think about the fact that when your out shopping you get to hold things, touch things, try things on...the online marketplace is much different so you need to make the customer feel like they have held it and seen every part of it so they can be confident when they order.
  • Do you think your description answers all of the major questions your buyer may have? Be sure you describe color and size well also!
  • Take a second look at your prices. Does it cover your time/supplies? Does it work for your target market?
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Photo's are very important. They say everything about your item so use all available picture slots and try to be descriptive with them. You can even type in a search putting yourself in your buyers shoes again and ask yourself if your images make you want to click*
  • Do you have unnecessary graphics, logos, borders on your images?
  • and your shop cohesive? If not your photography can really help out. Try to make it all flow so it takes your shoppers eye from looking at just one item to looking at your whole shop!

Now I hope this check list helps out! Like I said the urge for Spring cleaning is starting to get to us all! Feel free to share your shop or ask any questions we would love to hear from you!

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