Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's the little things...

We all have those Etsy shops that we look up to and dream that one day we could be like them but lets take a few minutes, step back, and take a better look. When you really focus on why you love that shop you realize that your reasons are fairly simple and rather doable in your own small business. I've created a little list of 5 things that I personally feel make shops really stand above the rest so please read, get inspired, and remember that each image is linked to the shop it came from.

1. Make your item pop!
This of course is the biggest part of any business. I notice many shops that have items just being swallowed up by busy backgrounds and overwhelming props, that's not what we want at all. We want the buyers to have their eyes drawn immediately to our items and although simple backgrounds are always good (you can see that's what I prefer to do in my own shop) you also see props used to the advantage of products and I think the picture above is a great example of this! It not only gives the shopper an idea of how the headband looks on someone but it also really draws your eyes to the item and makes it shine.

2. Make it professional.
Many of us have hopes to one day be able to quit our day job and live off of our art. A big step towards this is branding. Not only do labels give your item a professional feel but they also serve as a business card your customer will never loose. The main goal in branding is that eventually people will be able to see your brand whether it be on a label, a card, a website, anything and be able to immediately recognize not just the name but the art that's behind it.

3. Give it a new look.
People may come to your shop and love what they see but not so much that they want to buy it. I think this is a great example of giving your item a new look. She created a set of her items, gloves to match a tie. This just seems simple and ridiculous doesn't it? (I do mean the idea of this being such a difference not the actual items being ridiculous, just want to be clear) but tell me...don't you think it's just strangely really cute in an all new way and all of a sudden you seem to like this listing much more than her others? Yes I thought lets just hope that this is enough of a push for atleast one more person to click that Add To Cart button.

4.  Does this come in my size?
Online shoppers are different from your department store shoppers. They can't reach out and touch, pick up, try on or try out your items. This means you need to be able to describe your items in great detail (but not overwhelming detail) take this photo for instance...this is a brilliant way of showing the shopper the size of her item instead of going on about measurements that the shopper then tries to picture in their head. The more shopper friendly your site is the better.

5. You made the sale but your not done yet...
Packaging is also key in your business. It's a great way to brand but it's also a great way to start word of mouth advertising. Your already happy costumer has been waiting patiently to receive her little etsy find in the mail and shes expecting just her item maybe wrapped in a bit of tissue paper only to find that when she opens her box there is a beautiful hand wrapped goody waiting inside. Now for those first few minutes of arguing with herself about how it's to cute to open shes also told all her wonderful friends (trust me, I've seen it happen on blogs, flickr, so on..) that the package is just as beautiful as the item and they just haaavvveee to visit your shop...

Take all of these little things into thought and now take a look at some of your favorite shops, the ones that really stuck out to you and find your own reasons why you love them and then apply those reasons to your own shop. Please don't copy or steal things that are specific to that artist but do get inspired and create your own wonderful ideas for your personal shop.


  1. These are some amazing tips, and I'm honored to be an example of how to do something right! It's a huge compliment. I've learned so much from trial and error along the way, with lots of help from blogs like this :)

  2. Great post-I agree, comparing is the quick road to blocked creativity... thanks for sharing these helpful tips! :)


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